Analog and Digital Phone Systems

Analog and Digital Phone Systems

Analog and Digital Phone SystemsAnalog and digital phone systems are still the norm these days but they are quickly being replaced with VoIP systems due to unified communications, increased flexibility and long term cost savings associated with VoIP.
However, analog and digital phone systems still have plenty of life in them and customers want to extract as much as they can from their investments.

Nortel Phone System

Do you have an older Nortel system, looking to migrate your system yet retain some or all of your existing phones? Give us a call and we will layout the options for you.

Avaya acquired Nortel's enterprise solutions in 2009 and has since provided various migration options for Nortel customers.

There are a large number of business enterprises in North America still using Nortel phone systems. CCSi and Avaya have solutions that help those businesses migrate their analog and digital phones systems to either upgraded digital systems or to newer VoIP systems. The benefit is cost savings.

Avaya product portfolio allows customers to retain their existing Nortel phones until such time when their business can afford it. This can translate to significant costs savings particular for businesses with a large number of phones.

CCSi can provide you with various options that show you how much money you can save by not tossing out the 'baby with the bath water'. Your Nortel phone system has been good to you, let us show you how you can continue to save by stretching those dollars even more.

Furthermore, CCSi can provide maintenance services for your system providing additional peace of mind knowing that your business' analog and digital phone system is covered for years to come.

There are a lot of voice system choices out there, so give us a call and we will help clear the confusion for you and show where you can save money.