Hosted Voice Services

Hosted Voice Service

Clear IP Voice hosted voice (virtual PBx) allow businesses to focus on their core competencies without worrying about their voice communications. As a hosted voice service provider, CCSi Communications can provide businesses with the necessary voice channels (SIP Trunks), local, remote and Toll Free numbers within minutes - no need to wait. Our porting department can often have your numbers ported on average within a couple of week - often in less time.
CCSi Communications is one of the few companies that provide hosted voice services using Amazon premiere data centers. CCSi Communications is leveraging Amazon's multi-Billion dollar investment in it's Tier 4 Data Centers. This means clients get the highest level of security and reliability with their voice services at an amazing price. Amazon's tier 4 Data Centers provides full fault tolerant redundancy; network infrastructure, facility cooling/heating, electrical power, UPS, backup generators, multi vendor broadband connectivity, etc, with availability at least 99.995%.
CCSi's Clear IP Voice solution is loaded with features and best of all you just need an internet connection. We provide a turnkey offering where the phones are configured and shipped to you and all you need to do is plug it into your data network and you're up and running. Additional benefits includes providing you with a portal access which allows you to manage your calls, configure extensions and turn features on and off. This saves you money and time for just one low monthly rate.

Clear IP Voice Benefits
  • Rich Unified Communications features
  • Pay only for the 'lines' (SIP Trunks) you need
  • No capital outlay required
  • Built-in Cloud Redundancy
  • No annual maintenance fees
  • No software upgrades to purchase
  • Flexible and scalable to any size organization
  • Support for multi-branch businesses
  • Mobility features for mobile workers
  • Why Choose CCSi's Hosted Voice
  • Configurable to meet your business needs
  • Re-use your existing VoIP phones
  • Turnkey service for Businesses
  • Amazon's Redundant Data Centers
  • Rich Unified Communication Features
  • Onsite installation if required
  • MPLS Fiber Backbone
  • Month by month billing
  • Volume discounts

    CCSi offers SIP Trunks with MPLS fiber backbone to multiple POPs (Points of Presence) across the US for superior voice quality together with DIDs, Toll free numbers and porting services. If you have a preference for a specific carrier, CCSi has partnerships with many other SIP trunk carriers, as well as IP phone manufacturers, switch and gateway vendors to quickly get your business voice system up and running at a price that fits your budget.

    We don't just ship you phones with an instruction sheet - We are by your side until you are completely satisfied.

    Go ahead and compare our offering to vendors such as Vonage, Comcast, Ringcentral, etc, you'll be pleasantly surprised. You'll get similar features at a lower price and customer service support that is second to none. Give us a call and we'll be pleased to provide you with a quote that will have you smiling all the way to the bank.


    Hosted Voice

    • Free local and long distance calls across the US and Canada

    • Your own portal to redirect calls
    • Auto Attendants
    • Regional branches- no toll charges
    • Telecommuting
    • E911
    • Cellular phone ext to ext calling
    • Spam management
    • Direct to your phone texting
    • fax to email
    • Supports a variety of VoIP phones
    • Integrate with business paging systems
    • Plus more....

    Here is list of just some of the features you'll be getting.


      Incoming Call Management

      • Call Forwarding
      • Call Return (*69)
      • Call Screening
      • Call Waiting
      • Caller ID
      • Blacklist callers
      • Click to Call Applications
      • Do Not Disturb (*78)
      • Follow Me Services
      • Simultaneous Ring
      • Cell phone forwarding
      • Single extension reachability
      • Same number for voice or faxes
      • Automatic or manual night IVR settings


      Outgoing Call Management

      • Caller ID Block (*67)
      • Last Number Redial
      • Speed Dial
      • Call Forwarding and follow me
      • Call Return
      • Three-Way Calling
      • Access code for International calls


      Message Management

      • Voicemail
      • Voicemail to Email
      • Visual voicemail
      • Outgoing Call Management
      • IM Messaging
      • Fax to email


      Other Features

      • Multiple Auto Attendants
      • Personalized Name Announcement
      • Automatic scheduled call routing (i.e after hours, holidays)
      • Auto Scheduling inbound routes
      • Call Logs
      • Conference Bridges with pass codes
      • Dial by Name Directory
      • Mobile Apps
      • Music on Hold
      • Unlimited Extensions
      • Multiple Ring Groups
      • User portal
      • Desktop and/or cell Softphone
      • Multiple VoIP phones supported
      • Regional local numbers, Toll Free and International numbers
      • Assign features to extensions
      • Assign and manage extensions
      • LDAP lookup for instant phone directory info


    Phone Assist

    For businesses looking for rich unified communication features, CCSi Communications offers its browser based Phone Assist console.
    Phone Assist

    The Phone Assist console allows users to quickly and easily see people’s availability based on selected presence status (available, in a meeting, do not disturb, out for lunch…). Phone Assist console also supports ‘Click to Dial’ for those busy phone users by using the PC mouse including personal call detail records all on the same screen. In addition, discreet Pop-Ups on the display can be selected to identify incoming callers.

    Many of the features you control from the phone can be managed via the Phone Assist console. The built-in ‘Instant Messaging’ (IM) capability is helpful as a non-intrusive means to ask quick questions or to share ideas or coordinate questions during a lengthy conference call. A great way to improve productivity and collaboration!
    CCSi Phone Assist IM

    The Phone Assist is particularly beneficial for call centers managers or leads needing to have additional control on agents; such as changing agent’s status, recording calls or to sit in on calls for training purposes.

    Integration Services

    CCSi Communication’s hosted voice services can also be configured to support in house paging systems, connect phones to doors for convenient access and support remote branch offices with enhanced communication capabilities. Continued cloud development means clients continue to receive enhanced capabilities.
    A host of other features exist that can be configured to meet your business needs. We tailor our hosted voice solution to work with your business, not against it.

    Give us a call (630-241-0600) to find out how affordable it can be.