CCSi Communications has now made it easier for companies to better manage directory access for their employees.


Solution allows the updating of company directory records in minutes through a secure encrypted cloud based LDAP-as-a-Service. Intended for companies looking to improve their inter-company communications while saving time and money.


Simply log into our secure server and upload or update your directory records and your IP phones will immediately be able to search for contacts. CCSi Communications has gone one step further and integrated a provisioning server that ties it all together. Your communications system is neatly tied together allowing global visibility to the most current and updated company directory records together with current phone configuration files.


With CCSi Communications’ LDAP-as-a-Service, your work load has just been lifted.


The solution is provided through a secure encrypted web based service with Multifactor Authentication (MFA)
and restricted user access. The all-in-one solution provides a management portal that is linked to a cloud based LDAP directory and provisioning server specifically configured to work with IP phones.
Each phone is authenticated to the LDAP server with directory updates automatically accessible each time any IP phone uses the Directory search button.
CCSi Communications’ provisioning server, described below, also automates the updating of the phone’s firmware after business hours.


Fast, efficient and always up to date.


Provisioning Server

CCSi Communications LDAP-as-a-Service comes complete with a provisioning server that allows companies to streamline the provisioning of their IP phones in one easy step.
Benefits include:

  • Deploying, Managing or Upgrading - whether its 2 phones or 1000+.
  • Single point of management for all phones deployed
  • Secure with user name and password
  • Cloud based, always available
  • Works across a number of different IP phone manufacturers*
  • Automated firmware upgrades afterhours autonomously
  • Easy deployment of custom changes as business condition changes
  • Save money on your limited resources and provide consistent results

    Whether you are deploying 2 phones or 1000+ phones, CCSi Communications’ provisioning server makes deploying or upgrading VoIP phones simple and automatic. Benefits such as afterhours automated firmware upgrades, easy deployment of custom ring tones, company logos and a single point of management for all the phones deployed - whether they are all in one location or across multiple regional offices.
    *Note: Certain IP model phones may not be supported. Please contact CCSi Communications for details.



    Number of Users Price/Month/User
    1 - 50 $2.49
    51 - 100 $1.99
    101 - 200 $1.75
    201 - 400 $1.49
    401+ $1.25

    Give us a call or reach us through our contacts page to see how we can help save you money.