Call Accounting

Call Accounting

If you are interested in increasing productivity and lowering your telephone operating costs for your business or call center, then you need a Call Accounting package.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

CCSi's call accounting software collects, analyzes, and reports on calling activities so you know exactly how you're spending your money. If you're running a call center you'll benefit from the reports our call accounting software provides allowing you to analyze calls and process call data for telephone accounting and call center management.

These reports provide in depth details pertaining to your extensions; department involved, account detail, divisional summaries, call volume by hour, most expensive/longest calls, most number of calls made by extension, trunk utilization, etc. These reports can be viewed on your PC, emailed or printed for further analysis with your department heads.

rsz_headsetIf you're running a call center, your supervisors and manager need the tools that allow them to make sure that incoming customer calls are handled as quickly as possible. They need to monitor the state of each agent and take appropriate action as required. Whether it's queue management, escalation needs or changing agents to improve answer rates and improve customer service - with supervisor controls you can act.

Multi-site capabilities– Whether you're running a single site or multiple sites, our solution supports remote supervisors providing them all the capabilities as if they were on site.

Straight from Your Desk – With Supervisor Controls, you don’t have to constantly walk around the floor and harass your agents to log into a hunt group when the queue builds up. Instead, change their state without ever leaving your desk.

Without a call accounting package, it's next to impossible to know how effective your business or call center is being run - and therefore, how you can save money and improve customer satisfaction?

Don't delay, give us a call and let us show you how a call accounting package can save you money and improve your operations.