Call Center Solutions

Call Center Solutions

Call Center SolutionsEvery industry has unique needs when it comes to the way they manage their call center operations.

Correct call routing (i.e. skilled based), is crucial if you're going to satisfy your customers. Ensuring each of your agents/representatives have the right data base access to address customer concerns is vital. But that's only half the battle - your agents/representatives and supervisors also need to facilitate call escalation when required and be able to do so across channels in a timely manner.

Call Centers

In order to do so, access to dashboards and cradle to grave reports becomes critical in managing customer service. Without access to this level of information in a timely manner can make the difference between an excellent and a poor customer experience. Don't leave this to chance particularly when your business is predicated on providing excellent customer service.

CCSi's experience working with call centers across different markets, sets it apart from the competition. Our knowledge of telephony and data networks allow us to seamlessly integrate call center solutions that puts your customers first while optimizing your operations. CCSi Communications works with various call center software providers and can integrate these solutions with Avaya and Tadiran phone systems.

Our service is turnkey which means we handle all aspects of the call center project for you. Whether you have an existing call center software package you'd like assistance with, or you'd like us to do the research for you and propose a best fit call center solution for your business. Either way, CCSi Communications can help.

If you're looking for Call Center solutions that include Automatic Call Distribution, dialer integration, advanced call recorders, call accounting packages or something in between, CCSi Communication's experience can be an asset to your business.