Data Backup Solutions

Cloud Backup for Your Business

CCSi has teamed up with Amazon using its cloud AWS platform to provide secure offsite cloud data backup solutions for its clients. Amazon has invested millions in their server farms and have data centers across the USA, Europe and Asia. All cloud data backups are fully encrypted and securely transmitted to Amazon's servers - and with global data centers, clients are able to decide for themselves where they want their data stored. Your confidential data is not stored on our servers, rather your data is backed up directed to Amazon's secure servers.

Depending on the volume of data your business has, CCSi can install an on site storage vault. An on site vault is advantageous for large data volumes and mapped as a network drive minimizing system performance impacts. This is particularly beneficial if multiple backups are required per day, allowing offsite cloud data backups to take place securely (encrypted) during the day without affecting access to underlying files. Your database never has to be taken offline!

The vault configuration also allows clients to migrate their error prone tape backups to the vault saving time, money and errors. All these backups can be automated providing you peace of mind knowing that your data is replicated securely, based on your schedule.

If your business doesn't have demanding data backup needs, an on site Network Accessible Storage (NAS) server may be the best option. CCSi can integrate a NAS server on your LAN and set it for automatic incremental backups that include RAID configurations with hot swapable drives.

A vault, NAS server or combination of both solutions, allows for easy restoration of files should your main server drives ever fail. And should ever a major disaster occur, your files can be quickly restored from Amazon's servers meaning you're back in business fast. Isn't that what backups are all about?

If your business is looking for additional redundancy, CCSi can replicate your offsite data to other Amazon data center locations- or for archival purposes, historical files can be transferred to a less expensive long term storage option.

CCSi's data backup solutions provides for maximum flexibility tailored to meet the needs of businesses with various options that best fits each client's disaster recovery plans.
Magic Quadrant

"AWS named as a leader in the Infrastructure as a Service Magic Quadrant report for the 4th consecutive year" - Amazon