Cloud Services – How your Business can Benefit

Cloud Services - How your Business can Benefit

Cloud ServicesMore and more businesses are taking advantage of cloud services to reduce their IT costs. Whether it is using the cloud to offload applications to improve processing, cost effective Hosted voice services, managed services for your servers or desktops/laptops, or for disaster recovery, CCSi has cloud services solutions to fit your business.

CCSi embraces the cloud and has a number of cloud services it offers to help clients move from a capital budget model to a 'pay as you go' expense based model.

For instance cloud based data backups. "It is estimated that 35% of the data storage budget of organizations can be saved with the implementation of cloud computing."
CCSi uses Amazon's cloud AWS computing platform to provide secure, flexible and reliable data backups at a lower cost than what most cloud backup service companies provide. Amazon storage services provides one of the highest reliability backup capabilities in the industry for mission critical and primary data storage for businesses together with Multi Availability Zones for added piece of mind.

The benefit your business gains is that we don't have intermediary servers at our office that stores your data, rather your confidential data gets encrypted and sent directly to Amazon's secure servers. CCSi Communications can provide additional protection for data retention and archiving by supporting versioning backups, encryption and multifactor authentication (MFA).

All this translates to less risk to your business while providing a level of disaster recovery that it simply cannot be achieved with an onsite only backup strategy.

For data backup needs that is more for emergency or catastrophic events, CCSi Communications offers lower priced backup solutions. This service is beneficial for businesses that are looking for infrequent data access and for which retrieval times of several hours are acceptable.

CCSi is continuing to expand its Cloud Services portfolio and now offers LDAP-as-a-Service for those businesses that desire or require having its directory information available to all staff members. With CCSi Communications LDAP-as-a-Service, directory information, vendors and customer contacts can be easily and securely updated via the web and made instantly available to all users on their phones. No more out of date directories, looking up contacts in Outlook or an Excel sheet, now this information is readily available on everyone's phones.

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