Fax Servers

Fax Servers

Using the cloud for faxing has greatly simplified matters - especially for the mobile or teleworker.

The only issue is cost. It may seem inexpensive, at first - $10/mth for a fax account, but if you're a company with many sales people those subscription costs can really add up (i.e. 30 sales people = $3,600/yr).

CCSi installs fax servers interfaced to your phone system that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of cloud faxing (fax to email, email to fax, faxing via the web etc) at an affordable one time price.....Say goodbye to those nasty subscription fees. CCSi can run ROI models incorporating your subscription costs to show the savings that can be had with a fax server- often the return on investment can be less than one year!

CCSi's fax server is an all in one appliance that can eliminate the need for multiple fax machines in various departments or in regional/remote offices. Fax Server

Key Benefits

Brochure: FaxFinder

  • Centralize fax operations
  • Save thousands per year - short ROI
  • Receive faxes by email or web portal
  • Send faxes by email or web portal
  • Lowers operational costs associated with fax
  • Complies with industry-specific initiatives
  • Replaces paper-based fax machines
  • Save on maintenance costs of hardware based fax machines
  • Meets information privacy and security mandates
  • Simplifies compliance to Sarbanes Oxley and HIPAA
  • Works with analog and IP based phone systems
  • Compatible with a number of different phone systems

Let us show you the savings, you'll be pleasantly surprised.