Hosted Voice

Hosted Voice Services for Businesses

Hosted VoiceBusinesses are moving to hosted voice to reduce costs while at the same time getting more features than their location based system. CCSi Communications can host your business's with a redundant virtual phone system (PBx) with feature rich capabilities at a low cost. CCSi leverages the security, redundancy and reliability of Amazon's Data Centers to provide voice communication services to its customers.

With CCSi's hosted voice service, you can expect significant savings over your current phone bill. At times the savings over current phone bills pays for the hosted voice service. CCSi's hosted voice services comes with free local and long distance calling in the USA and Canada with low competitive international rates as well.

Capabilities also include Unified Communications with unlimited extensions such as; follow me, voicemail to email, conference bridges, electronic faxing and others. All with the scaleability to support your growing business needs - whether your business has 5 employees or 5000 employees at one site or multiple sites, all for one low monthly fee.

If you already have a phone system at one or multiple sites and you need to add new locations, or remote users, CCSi can provide hosted voice phone service to those sites and users quickly and inexpensively. CCSi Communications provides you everything you need to get up and running including phones and your own portal so you can make your own changes when adding or editing employees should you so desire. CCSi Communications staff is here to help, so you're not alone. You can manage all aspects of your communications needs or you can contact us if you'd like us to take care of certain aspects of your communications.

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