Maintenance Services-PSP

Maintenance Services

A Maintenance Services Program Built Around Your Business Needs

Maintenance Services-PSP
CCSi Communications is a certified partner of Avaya and Tadiran Telecom. Over the years, CCSi has listened and fine tuned its maintenance services program to its client needs by developing a value add maintenance program - Partnership Services Program (PSP).
The PSP program was designed based on listening to clients over the years and understanding what maintenance services are viewed as beneficial to their business. Unlike other maintenance service programs, CCSi's PSP program has configurable modules that clients can customize based on their specific service and budget needs.
No two businesses operate the same so why should "one size fits all" apply? By selecting the PSP service modules that best aligns with your business's needs, the program transforms itself from a basic maintenance program to one that is tailored to what you're looking for in terms of service features, coverage and price.