Network Accessible Storage

Network Accessible Storage

Information capture and dissemination is growing exponentially year after year. Not long ago one Terabyte was considered large, well data is growing at an annual compounded rate of 40% that some analysts are projecting will be at 45 ZB (Zettabyte) by 2020. 1 Zettabyte = 1 billion Terabyte!

All this means is that your business will be needing and accessing more and more data every year - that's a given. In the end "Data" is your business so it's imperative that you have access to that data whenever you need it. Hard drives have become more reliable over the years but they still fail from time to time, so backing up your critical data to a Network Accessible Storage device (NAS) makes sense.

Having a disaster recovery plan is vital to every business and there are two basic elements every business should consider - secondary backup to a network accessible storage device (NAS) and off site (Cloud backup).

  • The most cost effective on site solution is to install a Network Accessible Storage (NAS) server. A network accessible storage NAS server automatically performs backups of your server's critical information based on an established schedule. This can be multiple times per day, week, month, quarter etc. In addition, you can quickly restore your data should it ever be required.

  • Backing up your data to the cloud is equally important. You never know if one day someone pulls the fire alarm and activates the sprinkler damaging your drives. Your Cloud backup could just save your business - give us a call, we'll show you how inexpensive this can be.

    • Dell PowerVault Nx familty of NAS servers
    • HP StoreEasy family of NAS servers
    • Asustor NAS
    • QNAP NAS
    • WDSentinel NAS
    • ...and others.

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