Network Architecture

Network Architecture

Does your data network need an overhaul? Are you seeing shortcomings in terms of performance - are users experiencing problems accessing their data files, or internet performance fluctuations affecting productivity? These are all signs that a review of your network architecture is in order.

Our engineers can perform an assessment of your network architecture and provide a written report with recommended changes to improve your network's performance and security with both a short term and long term perspective that aligns with your business's growth projections.

Today's businesses can't afford to wait to find out their data network has flaws when something breaks - down time or worse - lost data or security breaches can be devastating for any enterprise. Upfront planning can save thousands of dollars, improve productivity and provide you with peace of mind knowing your network is performing the way it should.

Such planning and discussions cover what's important for your business and what attributes you would like your network to have. Such attributes comprise:

  • Server availability -i.e. fail over capabilities

  • Scalability of design to support additional servers and applications

  • Network overall performance including broadband services with fail over redundancy

  • Network security with multi-tiered authentications

  • Encryption for data transfers

  • VLANs and Quality of Service settings for voice traffic

  • Enhanced security measures


    CCSi Communications work closely with clients to review their network architecture and provide written recommendations with best fit options that satisfy business needs, budget and performance considerations.

    Give us a call, you'll be glad you did.

    Network Architecture