Network Security Services

Network Security

Network Security Services

Most businesses take Network Security for granted, but the cost of "If it ain't broken, don't fix it..." can be high.

Think about it - if your network is not adequately protected, you are exposed to having your network run more slowly, increased errors and having your network disabled by hackers or malware. Network security is vital to every business. Recent news about the hacking of Target, Chase and even Apple brings this to the forefront.

There is the tangible costs; equipment, time to repair, etc, and the intangible costs to having your network not secured- your customer's data.

CCSi has the tools and experience to strengthen your data network security by understanding your security concerns and implementing appropriate measures and protocols;

  • Firewall configuration,
  • Intrusion prevention and detection services,
  • Regular capture of security logs
  • Detection and removal of viruses and malware,
  • Establishing and managing DMZ network isolation,
  • Implementing web content filtering,
  • Establishing VPN IP Sec tunnels for remote users,
  • Creation of segregated subnets through use of VLANs,
  • Cryptography authentication and encryption measures,
  • Assistance in defining security policies

CCSi works with clients by understanding its network security concerns and ensuring security policies are in place that align with the business needs.