Paging Systems

Paging Systems

Does your staff have trouble getting a hold of people when they are out in the warehouse or outside the building? Not being able to contact people away from their desks can impact customer service and your bottom line.

A paging system tied to your phone system can help improve productivity, reduce cost, improve customer service while increasing safety and security.

CCSi's paging systems support talkback speakers and horns allowing paged individuals to simply speak in response to a page. This can be at one location or at multiple locations anywhere in the world.

Being able to easily communicate with everyone or specific groups within your business without disrupting others is key. CCSi can customize a paging system that meets these as well as other paging needs by integrating such paging systems as an integral part of your phone's communication system. One button is all it takes to easily communicate to a group, or multiple groups no matter where they are located.

In addition, these paging systems can be extended to play high quality music and extend capabilities to include door entry and security management by having two way speakerphones at key entry points.

CCSi works with Viking, Valcom and Bogen to provide you with a paging system solution that best fits your needs no matter where you're located.