Telecom Savings Calculator

Telecom Savings calculator

savingsInterested in finding out how much money CCSi can save you? Simple, get a copy of your recent carrier bill and enter the total bill amount and the number of phone lines in the fields shown on the right side bar calculator.

If you find there are sufficient savings to be had, give us a call - we'll gladly show you how you can secure these savings.

These savings can really add up, don't delay give us a call and we'll get those dollars back into your business where they belong.

If you're looking for additional telecom savings, CCSi can perform a more detailed analysis of your telecom expenses and 9 times out of 10 there are significant savings to be had. Depending on the size of your business, savings realized can be from a few hundred dollars per year to tens of thousands of dollars per year.

CCSi does not charge for this service, rather a percentage of the savings realized is retained as compensation. In other words, if we can't save you money our services are free! So don't delay, let us find those savings so you can get on with growing your business!

Telecom Spend Analysis includes the following.

  • PRI or Integrated Access Services,
  • SIP Trunks,
  • Analog or POTS lines,
  • Cellular Mobility Expenses,
  • Broadband Internet Services,
  • Wireless Data Backup Services,
  • Long Distance and Toll rates,
  • Centrex Services