Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Unified CommunicationsWhat is Unified Communications? This is a loaded question that means different things to different people.

Basically unified communications involves integrating your discrete communication devices and services into one streamlined access. This would encompass your cell phone, faxes, emails, conference calls (audio and video), tablets, presence, location etc.

Businesses that have a mobile work force can really benefit from Unified Communication (UC). Unified communications basically allows employees to bring the office with them - no matter where they are. Translation----> Improved productivity and morale for employees with a bottom line benefit for your business.

Being able to respond to customers quickly and effectively by virtue of having access to timely information reduces cycle time and improves customer satisfaction. Isn't that what most customers are looking for?

No matter what your needs are, CCSi can walk you through the various options and find the most cost effective UC solution that best fits your business and budget.

CCSi can provide your business with unified communication capabilities with an on-premise based phone system such as Nortel, Avaya and/or Tadiran, or it can provide such capabilities through its hosted voice services.

Unified Communications

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