Wireless Backup Services

Wireless Backup Services

If your business needs to have continual access to the internet at all times, then you need a wireless backup service. Internet broadband carrier services are getting more reliable, but let's face it there's a reason why they don't provide a SLA.

To ensure you can continue to access the internet, network resiliency can be achieved economically by providing connectivity options. CCSi's wireless data backup provides the continuity and peace of mind by providing diverse connectivity for regional offices that have connections either to the Internet or corporate network.

CCSi has teamed up with multiple cellular carriers across the USA that can provide 3G and 4G connectivity solutions with an immediate alternate route for Internet access if your primary data connection goes down. CCSi's solution permits a graceful transition should your primary service provider ever go down - even if your business uses static IP for inbound traffic. All of your requirements are taken into consideration prior to setting up your wireless data backup service so you can rest easy knowing that you have built in resiliency.

If you're looking for more reliability for your broadband than a cellular carrier, CCSi works with wireless ISP carriers that provide high wireless backup broadband (with SLAs).

A configured WISP (wireless internet service) solution provides automated switch over should your primary broadband service provider ever go down. CCSi can provide wireless backup services that provides diverse redundancy and high broadband speeds at a lower price than adding bonded T1s or fiber.

Whether you're looking for long term or short term (special events) solutions, let's discuss the options that are available for your business.